Sunday, September 25 — What is Your Sense of Self?

Too often one can find oneself waxing poetic about “the way it used to be,” or idly fantasizing about a mythical perfect future – as they say, “the grass is always greener on the other side.”  Yet, the spiritual path, although looking to a brighter future, is about living fully in the present, so that the future can be all that it is meant to be, not because we wished it so, but because it just is what it is.

God is in the present, here and now, and simply asks His children to accept this moment as it is, and as we find ourselves.  God wants us to live to our full potential in this moment, not waiting around for a better time, not wishing things to be different.

This Sunday, the topic will be an exploration of acceptance: accepting the present moment, accepting ourselves, and thus, accepting God.

FOLLOWING THE SERVICE:  Join in the fun at the 3rd Annual Fellowship Picnic!  Bring a small dish to share.  Brats and burgers will be provided, along with beverages and tableware.  Directions to the private ranch location will be available at the Sunday Service only.

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Sunday, July 3 – What is Freedom?

Monday is this country’s Independence Day celebration. We recognize the many rights and responsibilities living in this country affords us. We revel in the many freedoms we’ve grown accustomed to in our lifestyles.

Yet, we also say that freedom comes at a cost. What is the price we pay for freedom? And, are we really free?

We have learned from many sacred traditions that freedom is found in the mind and heart, and has nothing to do with our surroundings or defenses. This Sunday at Sedona Interfaith Fellowship, we’ll take a closer look at true freedom, the freedom we find in God, and how that might be different from what we usually mean by the word.

There are many stories and anecdotes that illustrate the myriad faces of freedom. We’ll hear from a variety of spiritual paths a reflection on some of those faces.

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