Sunday, August 28 — What Is “Life”?

Reverence for all life.  What does that mean?  To the devout Jainist, it means that even the tiniest ant should not be crushed, or that respect be given to a germ coursing its way through our veins.  To some, it means abortions are immoral.  And to some, it simply means enjoying the beauty of nature.

The little-known faith of Jainism will be our window through which we explore the spiritual principle of reverence for life.  This faith celebrates one of the most sacred time periods on their calendar starting today.

How does God see reverence for all life?  God’s understanding of what “life” is, is far deeper than our own; therefore, God’s notion of reverence for life is far more profound than our own.  Come this Sunday to talk about what this implies about how we treat life, our own and others’, and how we can more fully embrace living to our fullest potential.

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