Accepting God’s Invitation — Guest Speaker Sunday, Oct 12

kenbo_color_240x400 This week Guest Speaker Reverend Ken Froessel and Music Minister Jon Michael will facilitate the service. Rev. Ken will explore the topic,   “Freedom through Inclusion: Revisiting the Parable of The Invited Dinner Guests.”

What wisdom was Jesus trying to impart to his listeners in this famous parable found in the Gospel of Luke?  Traditionally, the interpretation has been to identify with the guests, some who excused themselves and some who accepted the invitation to the dinner.  Rev. Ken will view this parable primarily through the lens of the host of the dinner party as a way to unlock a radical but ultimately freeing message of God and His kingdom.

Rev. Ken Froessel is an ordained interfaith minister with a degree in Pastoral Counseling. He also volunteers as a hospice chaplain and heads up a prison ministry for a local spiritual organization. He is a founding member of Sedona Interfaith Fellowship since before its public inception in 1996, and is also a committed and lifelong student of A Course in Miracles. He also serves on the Board of Mustard Seed Venture, a local organization dedicated to embracing the radical teachings of Jesus and the extension of love to others through acts of service.

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