Dec. 14 Gathering: 3rd Sunday in Advent – Hanukkah

191144Hanukkah begins this coming Wednesday, and as a part of Sedona Interfaith Fellowship’s Advent light festival celebrations, for the 3rd Sunday, participants will honor Hanukkah, allowing the beauty found in Judaism to grace their lives.

Hanukkah, while being a minor festival, has become honored over time, and is a festival of lights, in which menorahs are seen burning everywhere, acknowledging the miracle that occurred in 165 B.C., when Judah Maccabbee led a small band of rebels in reclaiming Jerusalem and the temple. Upon lighting the temple menorah for their rededication, the Jews discovered there was enough oil for only one day, but the lamp miraculously burned for eight days.

Next Sunday is the 4th Sunday in Advent, when we will use the lens of the light festival of Kwanzaa to explore spiritual principles.

The Fellowship’s Christmas Eve service will be held at Sedona Creative Life Center on Wednesday, December 24, at 6:30 p.m., with a potluck gathering afterward.

Our final library Sunday Gathering will be on December 28, 9:30 a.m., in the Community Room. In the spirit of New Year celebrations, it will be a great opportunity to give thanks for all that SIF was and did in the past, and to open to possibility, as we allow God’s Spirit to direct our future. A potluck will be held at the library afterward. The kitchen will be open, for storing and reheating food.

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