Guest Speaker Sunday May 22

In this day and age it appears that many of the faithful are jumping on the bandwagon of end-of-times scenarios such as the May 21st Judgment Day, or next year’s Mayan calendar prophecies. In either scenario, those who care to heed the warnings or are attuned to the signs, will be spared great suffering and considered ready for heaven or a new golden age. These scenarios paint a dramatic picture, and demand an imminent choice for believers. Accurate or not, they make a case for spiritual transformation of both individuals and societies from the current systems of thinking and acting in which we find ourselves.

This Sunday’s Guest Speaker, Reverend Ken Froessel, in his message, “The Kingdom of God is Like a Mustard Seed: Doing Our Little Part,” will explore the idea of spiritual transformation in our lives and the world through Jesus’ parable of The Mustard Seed and other inspiring sources.

Rev. Ken is an ordained interfaith minister with a degree in Pastoral Counseling. He also volunteers as a hospice chaplain and heads up a prison ministry for a local spiritual organization. Rev. Ken is a founding member of Sedona Interfaith Fellowship since before its public inception in 1996, and is also a committed and lifelong student of A Course in Miracles. He is involved with a local group dedicated to embracing the radical teachings of Jesus and the extension of love to others through acts of service.

Rev. Susan Perry and Jon Michael will lead the service, which starts at 9:30 a.m. in the Community Room at the library.

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