Mother’s Day — Compassion and the Womb of God

We are looking forward to connecting this Sunday for Mother’s Day!

A Buddhist text says, “Even as a mother at the risk of her life would watch over her own, her only child, so let us with boundless mind and good will survey the whole world.”

Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day of remembering mothers everywhere. Also, we remember the embracing mother-nature of God, setting an example of how we might interact with the world. Interestingly, according to Jesus scholar Marcus Borg, the word “compassion” translates in Hebrew from the plural form of the word “womb.” So to be compassionate as God is compassionate, as instructed by Jesus, means to be like a womb — and that God’s nature, as the ultimate giver of compassion, is “womb-like.”

Interesting! Let’s explore together this important and profound spiritual truth…

Sunday, May 8, 10:00 a.m.

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