Politics and Happiness – This Sunday at SIF 11/6

Susan Promo Photo 2010Wow! We surely are in the midst of an interesting time in history! We may be electing a woman president for the very first time – or perhaps a billionaire non-politician… Will either outcome make us happy, though, truly happy?

What makes us happy?

Over 30 years ago, New Thought minister and positive thinking guru Terry Cole-Whittaker wrote a book entitled, What You Think of Me is None of My Business. She helped popularize the concept that individuals are responsible for their own happiness, and that they have the right to it because they were created by God, who is the source of all happiness.

This Sunday, let’s take a look at how we have the tendency to rely so heavily on outside circumstances and others for our happiness. As the song goes, we’re “lookin’ for love in all the wrong places.” Let’s explore how this keeps us from knowing our true nature, and the love and happiness of God, and how we could now begin to accept that in our lives, our hearts, our being.

Whatever the outcome on the political front, the socioeconomic front, and globally, let’s remember that happiness comes from within, and can be the guiding force in our lives for love and for the good of all.


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