Sunday 10/26 at SCLC – Art Cabin

“Nothing Can Be Done – Are Our Errors Fatal?”

Reverend Susan Perry & Music Minister, Jon Michael

Sedona Interfaith Fellowship Sunday Gathering

This Sunday at Sedona Creative Life Center, Art Cabin, 9:30 a.m.

Through song and sacred word, meditation and prayer, experience the divine within!

Have you ever worked on a computer, only to have it tell you that you have made a fatal error, that you are about to lose all of the information you have just inputted, or perhaps even worse, that you have damaged the hard drive on which all of your valuable information has been stored? Scary scenario for this high-tech age we are in! To feel so vulnerable to a machine, and to have your errors so blatantly portrayed as irreversible, can make one feel both embarrassed and defenseless.

This is often how we feel in life, too. Our errors, our sins, seem to be irreversible. We seem to have made a fatal error, and our system has crashed; we can no longer function as pure and unblemished, but now are damaged goods. We are defenseless, embarrassed, susceptible to the whims of the world. And what this says about us is that we are unworthy and guilty. Guilty!

There are modern spiritual movements that have taken on the challenge of correcting this view of humankind: the New Thought movement, the New Age movement, A Course in Miracles. Even modern and self-help psychology have taken to task this idea that our errors have made us into bad people. “I’m okay, you’re okay,” was very popular in the 70’s. The 12-step movement addresses leaving the past behind, and beginning with the day you are in now: “One day at a time.”

This Sunday at Interfaith Fellowship, we’ll take a look at what errors really are, how we can go about correcting them, and how God sees error and us. Can it be that no mistake made in time can change the timeless reality we share with God? Come this Sunday and find out!

Remember, we’re at the Creative Life Center, park on the lower level and head to the Art Cabin on the east end.  See you there!


Sedona Interfaith Fellowship’s Mission Statement: To be an opening through which individuals may more deeply experience the presence of God. To create this opening by drawing upon the wisdom and beauty of the world’s great spiritual traditions.

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