Sunday, April 29 – “Excuses, Excuses!”

This Sunday, Sedona Interfaith Fellowship will hold services at the Sedona Community Center (aka, Adult Community Center), due to the book sale at the library.  SCC is located off Harmony Drive and Melody Lane.

“The dog ate my paper,” the clichéd excuse goes.  Everyone’s heard them, and most people have probably muttered them at one time or another: excuses.

Procrastination seems to be a part of being human, and it’s no different on the spiritual journey.  How quickly are excuses offered up for not meditating, or not reading sacred or inspirational material?  Or worse yet, excuses for not being loving, kind or trusting?

This Sunday, let’s talk about how to overcome making excuses on the walk to God.  And there’s no excuse for not showing up!

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