Sunday, December 2 — Celebrate Light!

With the impending holidays, many people wonder how they can bring the true spirit of the season more into their lives, and lessen the focus on the secular aspects that seem to take over.  Advent begins this Sunday, which is a time of preparing for the event of Christ’s birth on the Christian calendar.  It is a period that can be used by anyone as a focus for reflecting upon the birth of the divine within.

At Sedona Interfaith Fellowship on each Sunday in Advent, we will honor the light festivals of various traditions: Christian Advent, Hindu Divali, and Jewish Hanukkah, culminating in a candlelight service on Christmas Eve. The African-American celebration of Kwanzaa will be used as our window for releasing the past year and welcoming in the New Year at the end of the month.

Utilizing a revised Sunday Gathering format based on recent meetings and discussions with parishioners, Rev. Susan Perry will take participants on an inner journey exploring the nooks and crannies of spirituality, humanity, psychology and theology.  Inspirational sacred word and stories of compassion, interspersed with an eclectic musical mix provided by Music Minister Jon Michael, culminate in a thought-provoking, practical, and often moving message. As time permits, participants may share in a stimulating discussion.

This Sunday we will utilize a beautiful poem by Jim Balderis, “The Inner Nativity,” to illuminate our theme of the Light Within.  It ends:

“And this shall be a sign unto us:

We ourselves shall find the divine child within us,

Clothed with the Sun that shines equally on all.

Our own compassion will praise God in the highest,

And shed light on the god-wisdom in everyone we care for.

And the quintessence of this praise shall be:

‘Glory to the godspark within us.

Peace on Earth be our nature,

And goodwill to all that lives.’”

Join us this Sunday at 9:30 a.m. at the Library — you won’t be disappointed!  Participants are welcome to come along for a meal at a local restaurant following the gathering.

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