Sunday, Feb. 12 — Love, Love, Love….

….is there any other word we need in our vocabulary?

Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, a day for expressing love to romantic partners, but also for expressing love to all: children, parents, friends, even God.  Sunday at Interfaith Fellowship, the transformative power of love will be the topic, looking at how it can reach beyond the limitations and boundaries of ordinary life.

The story for Sunday tells of a woman’s journey with someone that everyone around her had defined as unlovable, intractable, unredeemable.  In a “light bulb moment,” she realized there was another way than “telling him off” for his bad behavior.

What a beautiful and powerful tool love is!  It often finds its expression in this world as forgiveness.  Is that a tool in our spiritual tool belt that doesn’t get used as often as it should?  Rev. Perry and music minister Jon Michael will lead congregants through an experience of discovering the Love that we are at our inmost being.

We’re excited because we will also have “Peace” wristbands available, to continue our quest to consciously practice the principles of peace and nonviolence in our daily lives.  This is a part of the Season for Nonviolence.

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