Sunday Gatherings Resume on Jan. 6 at Library

Sunday Gatherings Resume on Jan. 6 at Library

We welcome the New Year!  Several of us gathered on New Year’s Eve, to release the past — what is done is done — and welcome with open arms what will be.  The intimate gathering in the Chapel at Sedona Creative Life Center focused on forgiveness and letting go, which creates a certain freedom to allow the future to unfold in its natural course.

As we begin the new year, the Fellowship Gatherings each week are a time to come together to remind us to “walk the talk.”  Through the deepening of our relationship with the Divine, we gain a depth of both understanding and compassion, and a desire to make it more real in our daily lives.

The theme of this Sunday’s Gathering on the 6th at 9:30 a.m. at the Sedona Library will focus on finding the joy in our walk of spirit.

All are welcome!

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