Sunday, July 10: The Highest Wisdom — Kindness

There is a Jewish teaching in the Talmud that says, “The highest wisdom is kindness.” Five simple yet profound words that sum up one of the greatest spiritual teachings, like those of the Golden Rule.

Kindness is a quality that is undervalued in our culture. With a little bit of focus, it might actually bring some of that elusive happiness everyone searches for through worldly success, comfort, and relationships.

It’s a difficult principle to practice, because it means one must step outside of oneself at least long enough to notice that there are others around them deserving of a little love and support. It’s not all about self, in other words.

With so much unrest and conflict around the world, wouldn’t it benefit everyone to practice a kinder and gentler way?

This Sunday at the Fellowship we’ll explore this often undervalued spiritual principle.

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