Sunday, July 17 — Interfaith Celebrates 15th Anniversary!

Sedona Interfaith Fellowship is having its fifteenth anniversary celebration this Sunday. The Interfaith model calls for a respect of the many ways in which the truth comes to all people, keeping in mind that God, by whatever name we practice, is within us, around us, guiding us, loving us.

This anniversary celebration will be a time in which we will honor the Source of truth that is in all of us. It will be a time of singing some of our favorite songs and chants, sharing in fellowship, meditating, and hearing stories and words of faith and wisdom.

The message will be based on a Zen story about a monk who gives away a part of a statue of the monastery’s sacred Buddha, to the dismay of his followers, and what transpires.

Following the service, we’ll head over to a congregant’s home, for a Celebration BBQ. Bring something to grill, and a small dish to share. We’ll supply the fixings and the rest! There is a pool as well, for those that would like a swim. Maps are provided at the Service.

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