Sunday, July 24 — What Is Innocence on the Spiritual Path?

Children are such good teachers!  Most parents would agree that their life lessons in patience and tolerance become particularly important with children on the scene.  And then there are all of the lessons children teach by example.  They remind the grown-up world to stop and smell the flowers, and that a hug or holding a hand speaks more than a thousand words could.

Children are used by spiritual masters as examples of various principles and truths through metaphor and story.  A Buddhist story uses the metaphor of children building sand castles, fighting over “me” and “mine,” when they are called home to supper, leaving behind everything they “owned” on the beach.

And Jesus reminded his followers that they would not reach the kingdom of Heaven except if they become like little children, innocent and pure.

What does it mean to be as innocent as a child?  Philosophers and theologians have struggled with the idea of the nature of humans as they come into this world, battling on the spectrum of our nature as sinful, to our complete innocence at birth.  The role of innocence on the spiritual path will be the topic of this Sunday’s service and message.

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