Sunday, March 18 – “The Changeless”

Benjamin Franklin is cited as saying that there is nothing certain in life except death and taxes.  Yet, as spiritual seekers, is there not something more certain than either of these?  Is not God’s promise to us His eternal love and care?  Is not our nature that of powerful spiritual beings?

When faced with so much uncertainty in this world, as economic crisis rolls on in our country, as wars and rumors of war continue, instability seems to be the only thing that is certain.  Change is the only constant, as it were.  But that’s just the point—these are things of this world, not of God’s world.

This Sunday, participants at the Fellowship will take a look at what is changeless about God’s nature, and what exactly one can count on, right here and now.

Sedona Interfaith Fellowship is dedicated to finding and using the beauty and wisdom from all of the world’s sacred paths, and is committed to serving as an opening through which individuals may more deeply experience the presence of God.  Sunday Service: Sedona Library, 9:30 a.m.  Brunch following, at a local restaurant.  For more information, contact  Rev. Susan Perry: 282-0293.

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