Sunday, October 16 – What Am I Here For?

Sedona Interfaith Fellowship will meet at the Sedona Creative Life Center in the Great Room this Sunday, due to the book sale at the library.

I think most of us have an appreciation of the idea that we are all ministers of God in our everyday lives.  This week, we’ll take that idea a little further and talk about what form ministry might take: our function.  Some of us perhaps have had a sense of clarity around our purpose since childhood.  But for many of us, we don’t really know why we are here, or perhaps we feel that we have fulfilled our life’s purpose, and now don’t understand what to do next.

We have been blessed with many God-given gifts and talents, yet often leave most of them untapped.  Opening up to the hidden potential within us can give us a sense of purpose and fulfillment, creating a life filled with meaning, no matter how many years we have already lived.

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