Sunday, October 23 – Consistency on the path

Sedona Interfaith Fellowship will meet at the Sedona Creative Life Center in the Sedona Room this Sunday, due to the book sale at the library.

This week, the spiritual principle of “consistency” will be our focus. We all wish we felt more faithful, more loving, and more consistent in applying our spiritual ideals in everyday life.  Yet we go through our days not realizing these qualities are already a part of us, simply waiting on us to remove our blocks to their being made manifest.

Consistency in spirituality simply means that what we believe we live, and we live it all the time.  This is easier said than done, we’ve all discovered, because we are often conflicted, often thrown off-center, and often lose our peace.  Our practice in consistently hearing God’s voice and beings God’s hands and feet in this world requires perseverance and forgiveness.

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