The Age-Old Question: How are 2000-Year-Old Teachings Relevant for Us Today?

Susan Promo Photo 2010So, this last Sunday, we had our intimate Sunday Gathering at the Meeting Space at my office, Weddings In Sedona, and I must say, for me, it was a powerful experience.  Jon and I shared a news video clip of a “love story” about a man that responded to a desperate Craigslist ad mistakenly posted in the home improvement/construction section for a “brave person” to donate a kidney for his wife, a young woman with a young son to raise. During this Advent season, I have been thinking a lot about what Jesus came here to teach, and feel that one of his most challenging and important lessons has to do with love — particularly love of the stranger and love of our enemies.

What do you think Jesus came here to teach?  How are you challenging yourself in your life to “walk the talk”?

This Sunday, December 13, we are feeling inspired to look still further into these important spiritual principles.  So much can be uncovered in what has become known as The Beatitudes, a section of the Gospels that is devoted to Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount.

What can we glean from these teachings given 2000 years ago that are relevant to our spiritual walk today?

Come this Sunday to find inspiration for your journey.  I think this is especially essential when we are faced with the challenges of moving through the busy holidays with grace, compassion, and commitment.  It only takes a short hour out of your busy day, to sit with us for a little, in peace, in contemplation,  and in joy!

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