The Power of Gratitude – This Sunday 11/20 at SIF

Susan Promo Photo 2010Sunday, November 20 – Sunday Gathering
Let’s give thanks! The Power of Gratitude
10:00 a.m.

At the Meeting Space at Weddings In Sedona
30 Kayenta Ct., Suite 3
Sedona, AZ

With Thanksgiving coming up next Thursday, this Sunday we will celebrate a day of gratitude! When our hearts open in thankfulness, we open ourselves to the presence of God within, for gratitude is an expression of hope and joy and love. Let’s explore what gratitude is really all about…

Sometimes it feels like the world has gone mad, everything is upside down, and all hope is lost. But even in the midst of absolute desolation, we have been promised that there is always something for which to be grateful. Let’s activate the spirit of thanksgiving that can only meaningfully come from one place. Let’s celebrate the beauty we find when we see with God’s eyes, all for which we can be grateful.

Giving thanks isn’t just about having the things we’ve always desired, or even knowing that needs are being met. Giving thanks is about recognizing our true Identity and purpose. It’s knowing that God loves us, and then returning that love by loving and forgiving, caring and serving.

Real gratitude can be found within, regardless of external circumstances. We might recall the stories we hear of people who are grateful even in prison or in the midst of war. They’re not deluded; rather, they simply recognize the truth. Let’s begin our Thanksgiving by opening to God’s love, and by remembering what gratitude is really all about.

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