This Sunday 10/19 at SCLC – Sedona Room

“The Final Frontier”

Reverend Susan Perry & Music Minister, Jon Michael

Sedona Interfaith Fellowship Sunday Gathering

This Sunday at Sedona Creative Life Center, Sedona Room — Upstairs, 9:30 a.m.

Through song and sacred word, meditation and prayer, experience the divine within!

“Where is God?” This question has plagued humankind for centuries. Is God immanent—an indwelling presence in the universe—or a distant force that is not really a part of our daily experience? Is God to be found in all beings and all of creation in this world? Or is God a step removed, a separate authority, ruling over the universe?

A variety of religious traditions give us some interesting answers to these questions. However, as spiritual seekers struggle to discern the place of God in the universe and in their lives, they very often miss what is right in front of them. This Sunday at the fellowship participants are invited to explore this profound topic.

Remember, we’re at the Creative Life Center, upstairs in the Sedona Room.  See you there!


Sedona Interfaith Fellowship’s Mission Statement: To be an opening through which individuals may more deeply experience the presence of God. To create this opening by drawing upon the wisdom and beauty of the world’s great spiritual traditions.

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