Sunday, June 19 – Father’s Day

We honor fathers this Sunday, in whatever form: birth father or adopted, teacher, father-in-law, stepfather, adult friend.  It matters not the label; we are thankful for those that have played this important role in our lives.

And further, it is a day to look to God as the ultimate father-figure.  Although God in reality has no gender, just as we examined the feminine, mother-like qualities of God on Mother’s Day, so too we’ll look to the masculine, father-like qualities that we see in Him for Father’s Day.

There is a misunderstanding that masculine strength implies a cold distance, and that compassion is reserved for the weak, womanly person. This Sunday, we’ll explore how God’s strength and God’s compassion are one, and can be one in us as well.  The father-like qualities of God are not meant for men alone.  All of us are meant to appreciate and embody more fully all of the characteristics of God, be they typically associated with male or female.  Come this Sunday to honor fathers everywhere, including our Heavenly Father!

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