Sunday, May 11 — Mother’s Day

Just a reminder that after two weeks at the Sedona Creative Life Center, we are back at the library this Sunday….

9:30 a.m., Community Room at Sedona Public Library

Fellowship time after the Gathering will be at Red’s Restaurant, at Sedona Rouge.

Mothers Day.  Mothers everywhere are honored and blessed for the role they have played in our lives.  We will do no less at Sedona Interfaith Fellowship this Sunday.  But we will also take a closer look at what the definition of “mother” is from a spiritual perspective.  What about this role is unique?  How do all of us play this role, regardless of our gender or even age, at one time or another?  What is God’s purpose for mothers? And how is God a mother to us?

The story we’ll use to illustrate the answers to some of these questions is a parable of sorts, that describes the sacred trust a mother is given by God.  We’ll take a step back, to get a perspective on what our function is as mother and caregiver to all.  It helps to also know that any lack of perfection in this role does not affect how God sees us, as blessed and whole, as a part of Her, and full of potential.

Drawing from Jesus scholar Marcus Borg’s book, Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, we’ll glean some insights into the concept of “womb” and “compassion,” as understood in the context of the Hebrew Bible.

Come share some sacred time and space with other seekers! We’d love to see you!

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Sunday, May 13 – Mother’s Day

A Buddhist text says, “Even as a mother at the risk of her life would watch over her own, her only child, so let us with boundless mind and good will survey the whole world.”

Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day of honoring all mothers, especially our own.  We also remember how the mother-nature of God enfolds and embraces us, showing us how we ourselves might interact with the world.  Just as God nurtures and cares for us, so too may we care for all beings in loving support.  A mother’s love can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, a metaphor for the depth of God’s love for us.

Sedona Interfaith Fellowship is dedicated to finding and using the beauty and wisdom from all of the world’s sacred paths, and to be an opening through which individuals may more deeply experience the presence of God.

Join us at  the Sunday Service for inspiration for the coming week.

Sedona Library,9:30 a.m.

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Sunday, June 19 – Father’s Day

We honor fathers this Sunday, in whatever form: birth father or adopted, teacher, father-in-law, stepfather, adult friend.  It matters not the label; we are thankful for those that have played this important role in our lives.

And further, it is a day to look to God as the ultimate father-figure.  Although God in reality has no gender, just as we examined the feminine, mother-like qualities of God on Mother’s Day, so too we’ll look to the masculine, father-like qualities that we see in Him for Father’s Day.

There is a misunderstanding that masculine strength implies a cold distance, and that compassion is reserved for the weak, womanly person. This Sunday, we’ll explore how God’s strength and God’s compassion are one, and can be one in us as well.  The father-like qualities of God are not meant for men alone.  All of us are meant to appreciate and embody more fully all of the characteristics of God, be they typically associated with male or female.  Come this Sunday to honor fathers everywhere, including our Heavenly Father!

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