Sunday, November 20 — For What Are We Grateful?

With Thanksgiving next Thursday, this Sunday the Fellowship celebrates a day of gratitude.  When hearts are open in thankfulness, individuals open themselves to the presence of God within, for gratitude is an expression of hope and joy and love.

Giving thanks isn’t just about having the things desired in life or knowing that needs are being met, though.  Giving thanks is about recognizing one’s true Identity and purpose.  It is knowing that God loves everyone, and allowing that love to flow freely, as an expression of gratitude.

Gratitude is found within, regardless of external circumstances.  One might recall the stories heard of people who are grateful even in prison or in the midst of war.  They’re not deluded; rather, they simply recognize the truth.  Let’s start our own thanksgiving by opening to God’s love, and by remembering what gratitude is really all about.

  1. When you jump into the fire (the void) everything drops away and nothing comes right away to replace it. You have to wait untill the burning is through. Unfortunately, part of the everything that drops away is everything you are now doing. If I have it right, that means that when God asks you to give up everything, She means everything. Not many are ready for that. You almost have to have decided before this life that this is what you want to do. I have done that. Right now I am waiting for what comes next. I would not ask anyone who is not fully ready to make that leap to make that leap. It is not manditory to do so. Heaven has room for evceryone. Doing what you are doing is important, very important. If you made that leap annd waited out the burning, you probably would continue what you are doing, except at a different level. Thing is, you have to be prepared for the possibility of something entirely new. In spite of the fact that nothing is ever lost and surrender is pure gain, it does not always seem that way.
    Probably you already know all this, but I just thought I would remind you how drastic surrender can seem. Ken

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