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  • Reconnect, Remember, Rejoice! — Join SIF for Easter

    EASTER GATHERING Sunday, April 5, 2015 10:30 a.m. Informal Gathering Potluck Following At Kim’s house Contact Susan for directions: 928.282.0293, Cell: 928.274.1444 Reconnect, Remember, Rejoice! Easter reminds us of resurrection following crucifixion (times of pain, suffering, loss), a time to rejoice in all that is good, all that is God.  Our informal Gathering will be […]

  • Easter Sunday Celebration – March 31

    Easter Sunday: The iconic Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.  Yet, it is also a powerful interfaith event for all humankind that demonstrates the strength and magnificence of God and of ourselves.  Jesus demonstrated what is available to all of us, if we will only open our eyes and see ourselves as God sees […]

  • Sunday, December 16 — Shine Your Light!

    Light festivals continue at Interfaith At Sedona Interfaith Fellowship, we use Advent to honor festivals of light from several traditions, as a symbol of inviting the light to come and recognizing the divine within. This Sunday we honor Divali, meaning “row of lights,” a Hindu celebration of renewal, cleansing and purification, celebrated at the end […]

  • Sunday, December 9 – Celebrating Light!

    Continuing the celebration of Light Festivals during the Advent season, Sedona Interfaith Fellowship will honor Hanukkah this Sunday. While being a minor festival, this Jewish celebration has become honored over time, a festival of lights in which menorahs are seen burning everywhere, acknowledging the miracle that occurred in 165 B.C., when Judah Maccabbee led a […]

  • July 22 – SIF’s 16th Anniversary Celebration!

    Just another Sunday?  Perhaps in the greater scheme of things.  But for us, another milestone has been reached, another year has been served in our humble ministry.  16 years…. It’s hard to imagine! Yet, what do all of these years help us to see?  Surely the sea of faces has changed over the years.  And […]

  • Sunday, November 20 — For What Are We Grateful?

    With Thanksgiving next Thursday, this Sunday the Fellowship celebrates a day of gratitude.  When hearts are open in thankfulness, individuals open themselves to the presence of God within, for gratitude is an expression of hope and joy and love. Giving thanks isn’t just about having the things desired in life or knowing that needs are […]