Sunday, May 11 — Mother’s Day

Just a reminder that after two weeks at the Sedona Creative Life Center, we are back at the library this Sunday….

9:30 a.m., Community Room at Sedona Public Library

Fellowship time after the Gathering will be at Red’s Restaurant, at Sedona Rouge.

Mothers Day.  Mothers everywhere are honored and blessed for the role they have played in our lives.  We will do no less at Sedona Interfaith Fellowship this Sunday.  But we will also take a closer look at what the definition of “mother” is from a spiritual perspective.  What about this role is unique?  How do all of us play this role, regardless of our gender or even age, at one time or another?  What is God’s purpose for mothers? And how is God a mother to us?

The story we’ll use to illustrate the answers to some of these questions is a parable of sorts, that describes the sacred trust a mother is given by God.  We’ll take a step back, to get a perspective on what our function is as mother and caregiver to all.  It helps to also know that any lack of perfection in this role does not affect how God sees us, as blessed and whole, as a part of Her, and full of potential.

Drawing from Jesus scholar Marcus Borg’s book, Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, we’ll glean some insights into the concept of “womb” and “compassion,” as understood in the context of the Hebrew Bible.

Come share some sacred time and space with other seekers! We’d love to see you!

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Easter Sunday Celebration – March 31

Lily 2

Easter Sunday: The iconic Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.  Yet, it is also a powerful interfaith event for all humankind that demonstrates the strength and magnificence of God and of ourselves.  Jesus demonstrated what is available to all of us, if we will only open our eyes and see ourselves as God sees us, see our brothers and sisters as God sees them.  This will be an “eye-opening” experience for participants – a fun surprise!

A potluck will follow the Easter service at the Fellowship home/office.  Maps are available at the service.

Each Sunday at Sedona Interfaith Fellowship, inspirational sacred word and stories of compassion are interspersed with an eclectic musical mix offered by Music Minister Jon Michael, culminating in a thought-provoking, practical, and often moving message on a particular theme of interest, provided by Spiritual Leader, Reverend Susan Perry.  As time permits, sharing or special offerings take place.

Sedona Interfaith Fellowship is dedicated to finding and using the beauty and wisdom from all of the world’s sacred paths, and is committed to serving as an opening through which individuals may more deeply experience the presence of God.

logoSunday Service: Sedona Library, 9:30 a.m.

Rev. Susan Perry: 282-0293.


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Sunday, December 16 — Shine Your Light!

Light festivals continue at Interfaith

At Sedona Interfaith Fellowship, we use Advent to honor festivals of light from several traditions, as a symbol of inviting the light to come and recognizing the divine within.

This Sunday we honor Divali, meaning “row of lights,” a Hindu celebration of renewal, cleansing and purification, celebrated at the end of the harvest season. Lamps and candles burn brightly during the three-day festival, and gifts are given to neighborhood servants that have been helpful, and to family members.

Remember to bring a candle to light on the altar, and a favorite short poem or quote about the light within, candles, or this time of year.  It’s not mandatory, and we’ll have extra candles and quotes there for anyone that would like to participate.

Rev. Susan Perry and Music Minister Jon Michael will lead participants through music, meditation, sacred word, and an inspiring message. A discussion may follow, as time permits. Fellowship at a local restaurant will follow.

There will be no Sunday Gathering on December 23, but Monday, December 24, there will be a Candlelight Gathering at Sedona Creative Life Center.  Watch your mail for more information.

Sedona Interfaith Fellowship is dedicated to finding and using the beauty and wisdom from the world’s sacred paths, and is committed to serving as an opening through which individuals may more deeply experience the presence of God. Sunday Gatherings: 9:30 a.m., Sedona Public Library, Community Room. Rev. Susan Perry: 282-0293.

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July 22 – SIF’s 16th Anniversary Celebration!

Just another Sunday?  Perhaps in the greater scheme of things.  But for us, another milestone has been reached, another year has been served in our humble ministry.  16 years…. It’s hard to imagine!

Yet, what do all of these years help us to see?  Surely the sea of faces has changed over the years.  And surely, we age, we mature, we evolve.

One of God’s lessons for me personally that is at the root of why I continue in this ministry is to understand — really understand at a very core level — the unity of all humankind.  The Oneness we share in God’s family is an amazing force, if we but stop a moment to accept it, to experience it.  This Sunday, we’ll have the opportunity to embrace this principle together.  I hope you will join us.

Sunday Service begins at 9:30 a.m. at the Sedona Library’s Community Room.

We’ll head to a parishioner’s home for a Potluck BBQ Celebration, at about 11:30 a.m.  Bring something to grill, and a small potluck dish to share.  We’ll supply the buns and fixin’s, and also the beverages and dessert.  Directions to the home located in VOC will be at the Service.

It would be great to see you!

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Sunday, May 13 – Mother’s Day

A Buddhist text says, “Even as a mother at the risk of her life would watch over her own, her only child, so let us with boundless mind and good will survey the whole world.”

Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day of honoring all mothers, especially our own.  We also remember how the mother-nature of God enfolds and embraces us, showing us how we ourselves might interact with the world.  Just as God nurtures and cares for us, so too may we care for all beings in loving support.  A mother’s love can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, a metaphor for the depth of God’s love for us.

Sedona Interfaith Fellowship is dedicated to finding and using the beauty and wisdom from all of the world’s sacred paths, and to be an opening through which individuals may more deeply experience the presence of God.

Join us at  the Sunday Service for inspiration for the coming week.

Sedona Library,9:30 a.m.

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Sunday, September 25 — What is Your Sense of Self?

Too often one can find oneself waxing poetic about “the way it used to be,” or idly fantasizing about a mythical perfect future – as they say, “the grass is always greener on the other side.”  Yet, the spiritual path, although looking to a brighter future, is about living fully in the present, so that the future can be all that it is meant to be, not because we wished it so, but because it just is what it is.

God is in the present, here and now, and simply asks His children to accept this moment as it is, and as we find ourselves.  God wants us to live to our full potential in this moment, not waiting around for a better time, not wishing things to be different.

This Sunday, the topic will be an exploration of acceptance: accepting the present moment, accepting ourselves, and thus, accepting God.

FOLLOWING THE SERVICE:  Join in the fun at the 3rd Annual Fellowship Picnic!  Bring a small dish to share.  Brats and burgers will be provided, along with beverages and tableware.  Directions to the private ranch location will be available at the Sunday Service only.

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