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A spiritual oasis -- all are welcome!

Sunday Services

9:30 a.m.
Sedona Public Library
Community Room
3250 White Bear Ln.
Sedona, AZ  86336

Sedona Interfaith Fellowship Mission Statement

To be an opening through which individuals may more deeply experience the presence of God. To create this opening by drawing upon the wisdom and beauty of the world’s great spiritual traditions.


Our Mission Statement is what sets the tone for the Sunday Services. We explore various topics of spiritual interest from the perspective of the world’s great religions and spiritual paths, as we open ourselves to the beauty and depth of our own personal experiences of God, by whatever name our Source is called.

Our Sunday Worship and Celebration Services include:

• Singing: joyous praise, and meditative chant, traditional and contemporary

• Selected readings from sacred texts and inspirational teachers

• An inspirational or educational story, accompanying an inspiring and thought-
provoking message

• A short guided meditation and a few minutes of silent meditation


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Events & Announcements

Easter Week Celebrations


Sunday, April 13 – Palm Sunday

9:30 a.m. – Sedona Library, Community Room

Brunch following, at a local restaurant


Joy, triumph, celebration, adoration.  This is Palm Sunday.  palm-sunday-branch-md


One is also faced with the sobering thought that it begins Holy Week on the Christian calendar, which culminates in the crucifixion of its founder: Jesus.


Yet, Easter is just around the corner, affirming that beyond death awaits resurrection.  So the celebration of Palm Sunday really can be one of jubilation, as the Bible says, “Death is swallowed up in victory.”


With the laying of palm branches at the Fellowship, participants will acknowledge the majesty of holiness within everyone.  Rev. Perry will share how it was possible for Jesus to remain in a state of love through his commitment, when of a certainty he faced his own death; but as much of a certainty for him was the knowledge of the love of God.


Friday, April 18 – Good Friday Service of Reflection

7:00 pm – At the Fellowship office (maps provided at Sunday Gathering)


Although this evening, as Good Friday, is typically marked by deep sorrow, we will use it as an opportunity to explore the light that is our true nature in God.  This Gathering will take place in candlelight and quiet reflection, with contemplative singing, meditation, prayer, and selected readings.  We will also honor the Jewish Passover.


Sunday, April 20 – Easter Sunday

9:30 a.m. – Sedona Library, Community Room


Lily“Wake up!  Wake up!  Sleep no more!”


…Sufi poet, Rumi, admonishes us.  Easter is a celebration of the victory of life over death and light over darkness.  Easter is the interfaith event of all time for all humankind.  It is a reminder of our grandeur.  The masters from near and far have tried to teach us this simple yet profound truth that we are far more than our bodies, that our truth lies in the spirit, and Jesus was able to demonstrate it to us—he rose from the dead!  Let us rejoice this Easter in remembering the potential that is within us! Let us look to the demonstration of the empty tomb!


Wake up!  Sleep no more!


Potluck following at the Fellowship office

from 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.


(maps provided at Sunday Gathering)


Drinks, paper products and dessert will be supplied.

Bring a dish to share.



Two Sundays at Alternate Location

April 27 and May 4

9:30 a.m. – Sedona Creative Life Center, Art Cabin

Lower Level Parking – Art Cabin located on east end of lower level


Sunday, April 27 – “Forgive AND Forget?”


This week, we’ll use the reconciliation and remembrance holiday of the Jewish Yom HaShoah, and a story, “Beneath the Layers of Filth,” as a springboard to explore what it means to forgive.  In A Course in Miracles we are told that when we forgive, we simultaneously remember both our own true Identity in God, and the true Identity of our sister or brother.  Perhaps it is possible to “Forgive AND Forget”!


Sunday, May 4 – “Perception Is a Choice”


This week, we’ll use a short story about “The Greatest Player Ever!” to set the tone for an exploration of the inner world of perception and belief.  What we see is all a matter of choice!



The Minister

Reverend Susan Perry felt called to ministry at the age of ten, and twenty-five years later was ordained by the New Seminary in New York, in 1994, with a license as Minister, Spiritual Counseling. With its focus on the interfaith model, the seminary inspires individuals to expand their spiritual horizons to respect and honor the traditions of all of the world’s faiths. Susan’s ministry began in her own living room in 1991, then expanded to the more public setting of the Sedona Public Library’s Community Room in 1996.

Her spiritual career has included:

• Her upbringing in the Lutheran Church, which was the inspiration and preparing ground for her call to ministry;

• Many years of study and application of the principles of metaphysics as found in the Edgar Cayce channeled material, the Findhorn Foundation, and other spiritual teachings;

• A Course in Miracles study and practice, including working for several years at Miracle Distribution Center in California;

• For twelve years, assisting her then husband, Robert Perry, found and manage the Circle of Atonement, a center dedicated to embodying and teaching the principles of A Course in Miracles;

• Living in a spiritual community for twenty years.

About SIF

Sedona Interfaith Fellowship is…

A Sanctuary
A Place of Fellowship
A Center of Worship
A Learning Center
A Focal Point for Action and Service
A Spiritual Oasis

As a Sanctuary, the Fellowship is a place where the seeker can find rest and solace from the daily walk of life. It is a place for nurturing and healing the soul on its journey of awakening.

As a Place of Fellowship, Sedona Interfaith is open to people from all walks of life, no matter what spiritual path one is or isn’t on. It is a place where the seeker may come to experience the oneness of all God’s children.

As a Center of Worship, the Fellowship utilizes the wisdom found in all of the world’s great spiritual traditions, to enlighten and illuminate the spiritual journey. It is a safe environment in which individuals may deepen their own relationship with and experience of God.

As a Learning Center, Sedona Interfaith Fellowship seeks to help break down the barriers people have built against different faiths, cultures, and ways of thinking. Educational opportunities range from hands-on experiential studies of spiritual practices and techniques, including those that relate to personal and inner growth, to scholarly studies of sacred texts and other writings.

As a Focal Point for Action and Service, the Fellowship challenges and encourages its participants to recognize that all God’s children are deserving of love. This love can be expressed in a variety of ways, for example, through service projects, prayer groups, educational forums, or action committees.

In sum, Sedona Interfaith Fellowship is a Spiritual Oasis, where the seeker may come to rest and replenish, to drink a new drink to refresh their soul, inspire their spirit, and bring new life and meaning into their daily lives.


We Believe

That God is all there is.

That although God is all there is, we experience ourselves as separate humans on earth.

That God has sent enlightened teachers through the ages to bring a message of hope and deliverance to humankind.

That this message of hope, although different in expression from tradition to tradition, is at its core one and the same: God loves us, and wants us to come home.

That among the many holy messengers throughout history, all of whom have a voice within the Fellowship, Jesus holds the unique position as model and teacher of the interfaith principles and ideals for this Fellowship. His inspiring message is woven throughout this ministry, bringing hope and peace through the example of his love.

Weddings & Other Ceremonies


Rev. Susan Perry is available to officiate at your wedding!

This is a special day, and it would be an honor and a privilege to share in it with you.

I’ll work with wedding couples to create a meaningful and memorable ceremony to commemorate this joining. As the founding minister of Sedona Interfaith Fellowship, I recognize the importance of honoring whatever spiritual or religious backgrounds my couples come from. My focus is on the love and connection between the bride and groom, and this guides the planning of the ceremony to make it a perfect reflection of your values and vision.

With more than fifteen years of officiating experience, I will help to create an environment at your ceremony full of presence, intimacy, joy, and love. We’ll find the right balance in the moment between those precious expressions of caring and when a little humor is called for!

Available also for:

• Baptisms & Christenings
• Commitment ceremonies
• Vow renewals
• Memorials & Funerals
• Home blessings
• And whatever sacred ceremony you might have in mind


Reverend Susan Perry
(928) 282-0293

Basic Fee: $250.00

Additional fees may be applied to: Rehearsal, extended travel, guest count larger than 50, attendance and blessing/prayer at reception, for example.

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