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  • Sunday, July 17 — Interfaith Celebrates 15th Anniversary!

    Sedona Interfaith Fellowship is having its fifteenth anniversary celebration this Sunday. The Interfaith model calls for a respect of the many ways in which the truth comes to all people, keeping in mind that God, by whatever name we practice, is within us, around us, guiding us, loving us. This anniversary celebration will be a […]

  • Sunday, July 10: The Highest Wisdom — Kindness

    There is a Jewish teaching in the Talmud that says, “The highest wisdom is kindness.” Five simple yet profound words that sum up one of the greatest spiritual teachings, like those of the Golden Rule. Kindness is a quality that is undervalued in our culture. With a little bit of focus, it might actually bring […]

  • Sunday, July 3 – What is Freedom?

    Monday is this country’s Independence Day celebration. We recognize the many rights and responsibilities living in this country affords us. We revel in the many freedoms we’ve grown accustomed to in our lifestyles. Yet, we also say that freedom comes at a cost. What is the price we pay for freedom? And, are we really […]

  • Sunday, June 19 – Father’s Day

    We honor fathers this Sunday, in whatever form: birth father or adopted, teacher, father-in-law, stepfather, adult friend.  It matters not the label; we are thankful for those that have played this important role in our lives. And further, it is a day to look to God as the ultimate father-figure.  Although God in reality has […]

  • Guest Speaker Sunday May 22

    In this day and age it appears that many of the faithful are jumping on the bandwagon of end-of-times scenarios such as the May 21st Judgment Day, or next year’s Mayan calendar prophecies. In either scenario, those who care to heed the warnings or are attuned to the signs, will be spared great suffering and […]